Intersect 21

A new invite-only online art fair called Intersect 21 is launching via Artsy next month (16 February to 16 March), with 21 galleries from Southern California, the Middle East, and North Africa each presenting 21 works.

It has been created by Intersect Art and Design, which typically organises three live events: Intersect Aspen (formerly Art Aspen), Intersect Chicago (formerly SOFA Chicago) and Intersect Palm Springs (formerly Art Palm Springs).

“This is a project really close to my heart,” Becca Hoffman, the fair’s managing director says. Hoffman previously worked as director of the Outsider Art Fair until joining Intersect Art and Design in April of 2020. Since then she has worked on the company’s other fairs which took place digitally, Intersect Aspen and Intersect Chicago. “[Intersect 21] is meant to also connect to artists in and around Southern California, because once you start looking at some of the work by artists like Lita Albuquerque, who is based in LA, and you look at the work of Muhannad Shono, who is based in Saudi Arabia, there’s interesting similarities that develop.”

“I’m sure I’m not alone in this, that there’s an enormous virtual fatigue going on,” Hoffman adds. “So this project is meant to be a boutique, invite-only fair with galleries from California, the Middle East and North Africa, meant to break down those cultural boundaries and create cross-cultural relationships.”




The work was exhibited with the courtesy of Al-Tiba9.




La Chambre rouge, 2019

courtesy  Al-Tiba9.