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During the months of July and August 2022 I’ll be working around the work in progress I started with a group of drawings resembling flags and I think that the future development of this work can match the purposes expressed in the call for residency. I feel lucky to be also engaged in the exhibition “Text, Texture, Textile” in dialogue with Mimi Kunz, Estelle Saignes, Jehanne Paternostre, Camille Lancelin, Natalia Blanch, Michèle Louis  from 15/07/2022 au 24/09/2022.

The first series of project I would like to carry on during the residency, consists of 5 elements 54 x 90 cm joined together by chains.The title “five in a flag” is dedicated to the plural dresses by James Lee Bears. Just as his hats joined by a long ribbon become a single “ten in a hat” if worn by a group of per / former, so the five flags become a plural flag ready to be worn for a mini-procession. Each flag summarize a plurality of states, since they are presented in an outline version as in a coloring book.Thus, deprived of its filling, the flag of Romania is the same as the Italian, or Irish, Belgian or French flag; Poland is like Monaco or like Ukraine; Germany like Hungary, Holland, Luxembourg etc. My will for the period in Odradek is  to complete the flag series with other “wearable sentences” with texts referring to art, museums, western aesthetic v.s. eastern  aesthetic  in Malraux vision, for example. Quotes referring to western modern approach to pieces of art in “The imaginary museum”, fit as well to define a colonial mindset.




 Five in a flag, 2022

Five elements 68 x90 cm. textile.

Photocredit Marco Rambaldi