Residency project Finland 2012

Residency project  Finland 2012

Installations 2012, Illinsaari island, Ii, Finland. textile texts.

The project started in summer 2012 in northern Finland.

I studied the geography of emotions, embroidering phrases and aphorisms on landscape or interior places printed on canvans  in my previous work, and in  this period of residence, I ‘ve tried to extend the drawing and the writing into the physical spaces of my home-studio and then in the context of nature.





The video The air we breath the water we draw from the stream  shows a quote taken from Foucault’s The order of the things made of cloth and silhouetted on a natural background.







Moreover the installation pink medieval bed in the forest is dedicated to the language and the space.The town where the residence took place is called Ii. I found that this minimal word (Ii) is connected with the meaning of “good sleeping” . Maybe in the past it has been  the place where sailors were used to sleep or take a rest in their travelling. I  built  a textile drawing of a pink bed medieval and I fitted up it  on a three in a  forest.



It will be necessary to apply a portion of the sign representing values to the new values of these new productions. Graslin
The air we breath, says Quisnays, the water we draw from the stream, and all the other sovrabuondant goods, are form of of wealth common to all men, are not marketable. They are commodities, not wealth. M. Foucault The order of Things
Nature made all the terrestrial things good. The sum of these, by virtue of agrrement cocluded by men is worth all the gold that is worked. Bernardo Davanzati Lezione delle monete
The industry, the arts and the sciences introduce new object in the circle of exchanging
We meet once more with the old metaphor of the coniage that is to the society what the blood is to the body






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